Haematuria investigations, treatments and management

Haematuria investigations, treatments and management relate to the symptom of blood in the urine (haematuria).

What are haematuria investigations?

Haematuria investigations, treatments and management relate to the symptom of blood in the urine (haematuria). In most cases, the causes of haematuria are harmless, and in others however, it can be an indication of a more serious disorder such as a urological cancer. Blood in the urine can be visible or non-visible (on routine GP dipstick testing).

Blood in the urine should always be investigated.

How does haematuria treatment work?

Your initial consultation will consist of a detailed capture of your symptoms, relevant risk factors and an overview of your general health and past medical history.

You will also need a physical examination which is likely to include a rectal examination in men and a vaginal examination in women. This examination is aimed to pick up any warning signs, but also to look for other causes of your symptoms.

Following on from your initial consultation, Mr Kaba is likely to request blood tests to assess your blood count and your kidney function. You may also require a urine sample. For patients who have presented with haematuria then they are likely to require a detailed CT scan or an Ultrasound to assess the whole their urinary system.



Finally, almost all patients will require a camera test to allow a full inspection of the inside of your bladder (cystoscopy). This is almost always performed initially as an out-patient procedure with the use of topical local anaesthetic. A small fibre-optic camera (flexible cystoscopy) is passed into your bladder via your urethra (the tube you passe urine through) and then the bladder is filled with sterile water to allow a full inspection of its lining. In some cases, this may be performed under general anaesthetic.

Once all of your investigations have been performed and the results are through then Mr Kaba will explain everything to you. If any abnormality has been found then prompt and appropriate arrangements will be made to treat and hopefully resolve any underlying issues.

In the majority of cases no cause will be found and then you will either be reassured that no further action is required, or furthermore tailored investigations carried out.

State-of-the-art treatments and investigations

Mr Kaba performs a wide range of cutting-edge, advanced urology treatments. He is skilled in minimally invasive procedures, offering more options to patients in their treatment of urologic disease.


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